I like to see 1080p 60 fps XBOX ONE X

I want to see a performance mode to get a 1080p 60fps for the XBOX ONE X.
I really want to see this move in action.

I know I can’t be the only one asking for this right?

I believe that will be quite difficult considering the below average hardware of consoles. Maybe 720p 60fps. Even that might be a stretch since they still need to optimize it.

I think we all want this but know it’s not going to happen so best we can hope for is a 1080p “performance” mode with higher FOV and dumbed down shaders/shadows with shorter draw distance.

You will probably never get the full 60 fps at all times it will always drop during hordes but I’m quite sure that it will get better as performance is one of the things they tweak regularly.

I want 60fps on my 4k on max of coarse without the need of a 2nd graphic card :money_mouth_face:

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