Xbox One Issue - Audio bugging out in Blightreaper

In the Blightreaper map on the Xbox One, the sound bugs out in the underground portion of the map. It occasionally happens earlier than the gate opening event, but it definitely hits during the gate opening event – the sound will lag and “pixelate” out, creating an extremely annoying “Tron” like sound. You can still make out what people are saying, but its long and distorted, and all the other noises create an unlistenable cacophony. This bug will then persist for the rest of the map, making hearing audio cues for specials night impossible the rest of the run.

Had several people on the Xbox One verify they were having this problem as well, so its a 100% recreation rate. Just play the map up to the Gate Event and you’ll trigger the issue.

If someone enters the map after the gate event, they do not have the audio issue, so the trigger for this bug is in the underground areas of the map.

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