Xbox Love?

Is there any update on when Xbox should be getting the last patch? Is it being held until the new patch beta closes, or is it not really a concern since the bulk of the community is on PC?

I’m not quite certain what patch exactly you are talking about, but 1.2.1 probably goes live together with a larger update, if it hasn’t already; Geheimnisnacht comes out at the same time as on PC, and the upcoming balance patch will be at best a few days after the beta is deemed ready (so either at the same time or slightly later than on PC), as the process for getting updates on XBox takes a little extra time.

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I was referring to 1.2.1, which hasn’t made it’s way to Xbox yet. After reading the patch notes I’m looking forward to the changes and am mostly trying to soothe my impatience with questions. It would make sense that, since the patch introduced some bugs, the Xbox won’t get updated until those bugs are patched. Seeing as it is more tedious to patch and update.

Looks like they threw it in with the Geheimnisnacht update.


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