[XB1] Hotfixes & Double XP Weekend

This patch contains the groundwork needed for an update of the Bögenhafen weekly quests. Expect these changes to roll out Monday next week.

Also - we are well aware of the issues many of you experienced with the Bögenhafen update, especially when interacting with the Social Wheel. To remedy at least some of your troubles we will run a double-XP event this weekend, starting tonight.


  • Fixed an issue with health bars.
  • Fixed a soft lock caused by accepting the notification pop up that appears when host tries to leave the game while client joins.
  • Fixed a number of crashes related to interaction with the social wheel.
  • Fix for title crashes on signing back after selecting ‘Quit to Main Menu’ on ‘Profile Error’ pop up while making changes to the Xbox controller set.
  • Fixed an issue causing explosive attacks being able to proc sustain traits at an incredibly high rate. This was most notable with the Scrounger and Heatsink traits for Kerillian.
  • Increased timeout time for challenge requests and fixed so if we retry a challenge its done immediately instead of processing the next request after
  • Fixed the aim action zoom time on longbow etc that went wonky in the last update.
  • Made adjustments to mitigate neverending loading screens after an early network disconnect while loading.
  • Fixed the host crash when a client joins while the host plays the prologue. The client will get stuck in loading now but it is better than the host crashing.
  • Upped the time we wait for a backend timeout in case the error is a slow response from the persistence server. We’ve also added responses being able to retry, as well as prompting a backend error when a timeout occurs should repeated attempts fail.
  • System level error message no longer indefinitely loops when a user with the ‘You can join multiplayer games’ privilege is set to ‘Block’ attempts to join an Online game
  • Fixes a crash that occurs when trying to process an invite while being signed out
  • Fix for when title softlocks for a player when two players tries to select same hero at the same time
  • Fixed a disconnect issue that could occur near the “Black Hook Hideout” event on “The Pit”.
  • Fix for bottle interactions crashing the game


  • HUD Scale’ settings are now saved after going back to Main Menu
  • Fixed an error in bot priority option settings

Thanks, been waiting for this one. Hopefully this really takes care of the connection issues. Double xp is sweet too.

Every weekend should be a double xp weekend. It’s not something special and it’s a weak attempt at an apology.

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Double xp and increased chance for red loot would have been nice.

Hotfix was due out today right?

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