[PS4 & XB1] - Double XP is activated!


Double XP has been activated on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will remain active until Monday 25th 17:00 UTC.

We appreciate that we’re a little behind with the releases on these platforms, and are working on bundling both the Mondstille frames and quests in to the recent update the PC version of Vermintide 2 has seen (with Weekly Events and Paintings) for one, larger release on the console versions.


Thanks, any word on lobby browser for ps4?

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I see the message pop up on top of the screen for doubleXp, but I get the same amount of xp as I did before this event. Ps4 here

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The “Double xp” isn’t working for me or any of my friends currently. We have restarted the application multiple times, tried varying hosts, tried losing matches, tried winning matches, tried waiting at the end of missions to see if there was some sort of required time in a match to allow double xp (thus disabling truly getting rewarded “double xp” as we could just beat another mission) None of these attempts allowed us to gain double xp.

This was all done on legend difficulty in helmgardt missions.


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Are you on PS4?

Yes, on PS4

It doesn’t work for me too. I try everything but can’t get double xp.

Actually it doesn’t really work on PS4. I got only once double XP after loosing a game on legend. Winning a game gives the normal amount of xp.

Also not receiving double experience. PS4.

Yea it’s been varied for me too, on ps4. I noticed doing vet runs with a lower level Bardin, one match would grant me 500 xp, the next 1000 :fearful:

Are we going to get the double xp fixed?
Will the duration be extended to grant us a full week of Working double xp as was originally intended? Because if it gets fixed on the 23rd, for example, we only really get 2 days of double xp for how far behind our patch is.


Its working for me now, thx. Ps4

I played 4 or 5 levels today and each one gave me dbl xp :+1:

I would still appreciate more dbl xp time though :heart:

Overall the event was great despite the small problem at the start on PS4. Make sure you do these events often though because it helps keep the community active.

I’m looking forward to the next update considering it has a lot of content that console is way behind on. Keep up the good work!

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