Experience Event?

Quickly, while the sun still shines! Prepare to Double your Experience this Weekend in @VermintideGame. ☀️🎵 pic.twitter.com/UsMl0pzUfI

— FATSHARK 🦈 (@fatsharkgames) 4. Juli 2018

Haven’t seen it posted on the official forum. I guess there is no reason for it, as commendation chests suck and we all have max levels :slight_smile:

Well, cosmetic-hunters love Commendation chests I suppose, and I’ve had a red or two from those as well so why not?
I’ll be out for drinks and barbecues though, provided it stops raining…

More EXP for the xbox guys!
So - that they recommend the game to their friends <3

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Isn’t xbox release on july 11th? So this weeks XP event has nothing to do with xbox.

The official release. Still people areplaying. (beta)

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There will also be a patch to accompany the event. Also, thanks for posting this.

Fatshark has put up an official post here on the forums, although a few hours late -_-

I don’t mind, it’s a nice gesture. But getting more boxes with no protection from dupes seems a bit crap. Hopefully this patch is to fix that.

Late? :smiley: The tweet was a teaser (albeit quite obvious)

Ah? Was it a teaser? I saw Double XP this Weekend in the title… Kinda seems confirmed that there would be 2x exp this weekend. Ah well, fair enough. Just glad we’re getting a patch/event. Thank you FS

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