[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Weekend Double XP Boost - Ended

Need more Commendation Chests, or desperate to level your non-mains to 30 - this weekend has your back!

Join us for the first Vermintide 2 Double XP Weekend Event!


Don’t need more chests.
Need less dupes.

Thx :slight_smile:


And new challenges or quests to get cosmetics because double XP = double RNG with commendation chests…


I’ll take what I can get… :stuck_out_tongue:


Will there be an event quest?

Nice try FS (not)


I can’t hold all this xp.
Nice, but I liked the community events like “kill all the skaven” in vt1 more, cause it’s more like a goal.
Are we going to see such again?

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Need more chests filled with 98% rubbish that you have to waste your time scrapping while you can’t get what you want, are sitting with 20 dupes of the useless items, and already 999+ of everything…


Would be nice if you gave the hardore fans some love, not the newbies who are gonna leave anyway


Maybe the newbies would not leave if they did not have to spend eternity grinding for max heropower/usefull weapons/dust for rerolling?
So this event can actually make them stay and became “hardcore” with better gear, higher HP and some feeling of acomplishment, without the months of grind?

Anyway, I liked it. I got 6 reds from this event and only 2 of them were duplicates, so I am happy :slight_smile: And It was actually really nice to open 2 boxes after every run, make me feel rich :smiley:

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I got 0 reds from this event, but I’ve only opened about 50 red-worthy chests, so nothing new there. Still, the event was a nice idea, and I could level my elf and Krubs fast - a tedious process.