WS ult 2nd talent bug as well as some feedback for 30 lvl talent visual improvements

Kerillian’s WS 30Tier talents change the way it shows it 1st person animation
If Piersing bolt is taken is it visible that there’s only one arrow on the rest. But if 2nd talent with 4 arrows taken there’s only 3 arrows on the rest. consider it somewhat #v2:bugs report.
Also it’d be nice if trueflight arrows when drawn were somewhat different from regular arrows.
For example, use the hagbane animation asset but blue, so it resembles that the arrows are magical.

It also would be nice if 30Tier talents for all the carrers would slightly change 1st person view of the F ability. For example, slight color variations in the area highlight demonstrating the range of Animosity or Inpenetrable, or the color of the smoke of the Disengage, the way the Fire seal spins for Sienna’s teleport mark etc.
It’s not that hard to implement, and It’d be QoL change as it’d help to remind the player what talent is taken, as well as visual highlight of the significance the player feels once he or she leveled the character to 30 lvl, which is always rewarding.

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