WS talent kurnous' reward does not work as a client when playing twins

Using any bow as a WS this talent does not give any ammo back from splitting enemies when they die.

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Known and old issue with all ammo related talents like Salvaged Ammunition,Kurnous Reward,Deathly Dissipate,and Shot Crafter.RV’s ammo pouch drop still works though

This also breaks Vanish proc for offhost Shade players.It only works on enemies that cant split

I really wonder if the poor people who mark all these bugreports with ‘acknowledged’ for the ‘I don’t know how many’ time don’t get tired of it…

Nothing against the report itself @CallMeCC, it’s important to draw attention to it, but this is really an old issue. :thinking:

They are probably sick and tired of it, especially when some old bug that just doesnt get fixed keeps getting reported every few weeks for a year or two x)

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Atleast they get payed for that. People who walk the extra mile and report an issue over and over again only get an “acknowledged” flair for their effort, which just tells you only that FSJulia roamed her realm again.

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