Waystalker lvl 30 talent broken for clients

For some reason the lvl 30 talent, Kurnous’ reward (I hope I wrote it correctly) doesn’t give ammo back if I play as client. Not a single one.

This issue doesn’t happens every time.

Last time it happened I joined into a keep where Sienna was picked, so the game let me choose another free to join in. I picked waystalker, played a rat-weekly. Nor elite neither special kills didn’t give any ammo back.

It happened a week earlier too, and for some times before it. I don’t know why it happens, or what could make the talent go wrong, but the only thing is I know that it happens only when I’m one of the clients.

Is this the tzeentchian twins event? Pretty sure I’ve seen people say in the past Kurnous reward doesn’t work for that event because the enemies aren’t technically dying, just splitting into other enemies.

yesterday it was. but we did normal deeds, and it didnt work in the past what i mentioned in the post

I haven’t had any issue with Kurnous’ reward as client or host, personally. And neither have the friends I play with.

I’ve had this happen too but not consistently. It is not weapon bound and I’m pretty sure I experienced it as host.

Afaik, that talent does not work on twins as client, but does work as host. It’s a Twins bug. Works fine in normal QP.

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That could be an explanation in my case. I might’ve been playing client when it was bugged for me. I was playing twins at any rate, and I also played twins (but def. as host) earlier that day with the talent working as intended.

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