Waystalker - Kurnous' Reward bug in weekly

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I was playing Tzeentchian Twins weekly event on Cataclysm and I wasn’t getting ammo from killing specials. This was the case for almost everything except the Banner carrier, which led me to believe that the Tzeentchian Twin passive was what was preventing my ammo generation. Is this intentional? I can’t record but this happened to me for at least five runs as far as consistency.

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Hi, I believe you were in the game with me yesterday when you mentioned this was happening (I was the WHC)?

If you have a specific map you recall this being most drastic on, I can pull some clips from my VOD to help the devs as I had my allies’ ammo count on. :slight_smile:


@25:57 in this vod here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/476971834

it happens at other places as well, that’s just the most prominent one I remember

We’ll check it out.

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