Kurnous' Reward does not return ammo in weekly event

I’m playing the weekly event (twins) and Kurnous’ Reward is not returning ammo when I use Trueshot Volley to kill an elite/special.

It DOES work(return ammo) when I host, but not when I am not hosting. I’ve tried this over multiple maps/games.

The Talents I have selected are:
Blood Shot
Enhanced Power
Spirit Arrows
Asrai Focus
Kurnous’ Reward

For my jewelry, I have as traits:
Boon of Shallya
Home Brewer

I have 10% cooldown reduction on my trinket.

I’ve tried using dual daggers with Resourceful Combatant and Hagbane with Barrage, as well as Sword and Dagger with Swift Slaying and Longbow with Scrounger…neither allow Kurnous’ Reward to return ammo.

If this can’t be replicated, the only other possible explanation as to why it’s happening to me would be the first weekly event I joined I came into the game “Waiting to be rescued”, although this shouldn’t impact subsequent games where I start or join alive.

Let me know if you need any additional info.

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Has been an issue for ages, same with pyro talent, and probably every talent that procs on elite or special kills

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they will never fix this bro

Yes can confirm Hunstman ammo on special kill talent doesn’t work either

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