Wrong voice line when healing

as slayer i healed kruber bot with medpack but my character said, “your too young to die zharrin.” idk who zharrin is but i know its not kruber.

I found this on reddit:

From Phryyyk:

“Well Zharrin is derived from zharr meaning fire and the female suffix. Wutelgi is simply Wood Elf. Azumgi is sturdy/hard human and Grimgi meaning harsh.”

And from The__Nozzle:

"For those that are wondering, based on the Khazalid dictionary on the warhammer wiki

  • Zharrin:

‘zharr’ = fire, ‘rinn’ = noblewoman -> ‘fire lady’. Alternately, ‘drin’ = path or road, so maybe like ‘fire path’ or ‘fire conduit’

  • Azumgi:

‘azul’ = (literally) metal, (figuratively) dependable or sturdy, ‘umgi’ = human -> ‘sturdy man’ or ‘dependable man’

  • Wutelgi:

‘wut’ = wood, ‘elgi’ = elf, so just wood elf

  • Grimgi:

‘grim’ = harsh or unyielding, + umgi -> ‘harsh man’"

…to cover them all :wink: !


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