Dwarven Lingo translation

The dwarf really makes me smile because he has an entire dictionary of terms for everyone and everything thats just hilarious.

I am trying to compile all his lingo for fun.

Bakrazdumi - chaos berserkers? Not sure if it applies to plague monks
Silusdoomi - chaos blightstormers
Wazzungi - what he calls elves
Wazzuk - endearing term for general enemies
Kazakhi-Doum - Chaos warriors?

I am sure there are more gems… any other words dwarf uses and their meaning? :slight_smile:

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Its “Zilas’Dumi” for blightstormer, and to answer your question on plague monks: No “Dumi” means chaos being Bakraz could mean crazed so crazed chaos human. Elgi mean Elf, Azumgi mean Human with axe (~mercenary) Grimgi mean the grim one if i recall correctly. And Wazzok is an insult. not realy sure what it mean but i would bet imbecile. “Krut” is a diseased goat and when he say “kruti something” like kruti strangler it mean that this being is not smarter than a goat with disease. Thats all i recall from the book i read On Khazalid but check out the warhammer fan wiki for more stuff.

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Thaggi for Gutter Runners.
Dawri for a comrade that is not a Dwarf.
Drengbarazi not really sure on that one actually.

Here you go.

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pffftttt… mayfly language…

its hilarious lol my favorite lines are when bardin goes off talking his secret language terms when no one else understands what he means exactly.

Dwarf: “Silusdoomi over there…”


  • Dreng - Slay in combat, mighty strike, killing blow
  • Baraz - A bond or promise.


Maybe I am a bit dense…but I still dont get the meaning.
Slay a promise in combat?

That would make the whole term mean something like “battle-brother”. A promise or camaraderie forged through slaying (rats) together.

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So drengbarazi are like comrades of combat? Applies to everyone in the party I guess

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It would literally translate to “Pact-Slayer(s),” which is likely in reference to the “pact” between the skaven and northlanders, and how his comrades slay them. It could also be an allusion to the bond of camaraderie (pact of a sort) he feels for the party, as he himself states something to the effect of he’d been travelling alone for so long, he’d run out of happy things to sing about.

“boga!” mans damn, like when a candle is blow out unexpectedly - although the VA pronounces it “Bugger!”

Wazzock is a northern english term meaning a dim or stupid person.

Raki- zharr means fire rat (Zharr being Khazalid for Fire)

So he calls Sienna “Zharrin” I supposed meaning fire mage.

“Rin” means “queen” or “lady,” so Bardin is calling Sienna “Fire-Lady,” in a complementary, maybe somewhat teasing way.

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Also it’s Umgi for the race of men, an Umgak means something shoddy (literally - man-made)

Az- means a specific thing.

So if “Kar” means rock, then Karaz means “This specific rock.”

Calling Kruber Azumgi therefore means “This particular man.”

“Wut” means wood, so Wutelgi means wood elf.

It’s also worth saying about “azumgi” that it could be a portmanteau of “az” or “azul” and “umgi,” which would translate to “axe-man” or “blue-steel-man.” For comparison, he calls Saltzpyre “Grimgi,” which is a portmanteau of “grim” and “umgi,” which means “dutiful-man.”

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Man I was always wondering about the way he formed Grimgi . thx!

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