It's february 2020, and the beastmen are

…Still talking common?
Why was this ever implemented to begin with?

Beastmen aren’t supposed to be able to speak anything other than dark-tongue, and yet here we have gors and wargors running around yelling “For the beastgod!” and “Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack!”, why hasn’t anyone questioned this?
I’d understand ungors, they’re still early in their transformation, but gors, bestigors and wargors should be completely incapable of uttering any common tongues, because;

A. Their mouth anatomy restricts them, and
B. Anything they might have remembered from being human should be long forgotten by the time they’ve come that far into their transformation.


I’m clearly freaking deaf because I’ve never heard them say anything other than beastmen gibberish.

When do they say this?


Not all the time, but it’s pretty common.
I play with headsets and I keep hearing them yell in common. It’s especially egregious when the wargor bannerherd comes, because they’re chanting “Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack!”

Ironically the ungors are always speaking in dark-tongue, but gors and wargors sometimes utter common words aside from dark-tongue.

Problem would be with fantasy dialects is they are usually inferred and not actually complete languages that can be fully verbalized IRL (elvish and klingon and a few others being exceptions)

Can correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think any of the Warhammer dialects are fully constructed languages. Thus if they had voice actors make Beastmen lines it would essentially just be “make some threatening gibberish sounds”

For the same reason they have the Gutter runner be loud as everliving-crap with his chittering… Yes Gutter runners are not full fledged assassin’s but pretty sure they are more stealthy and don’t announce themselves so loudly lore wise, but they chitter loudly in-game as a fair warning sound (game mechanic). I think them having a recognizable chant or sound in ENGLISH (aka - reikspiel) would be for the same reason, a game mechanic audio que

Although i’m not that heavily concerned by them talking in english, it is not out of the picture to do ‘just sounds’. If you hold the usual comparison with TW:W, all Beastmen Legendary Lords talk in Dark Tongue, and you can only read the translation of that in the narration box or subtitles. Even the trailer was not in english, only with subs.
That is not the only race that got that, Lizardmen also talk in their tongue (only exception being Mazdamundi). Go start a campaign with Tehenuain, Lizardtongue for days.
And i doubt the talented sound design team of FS couldn’t come up with audio queues that are not in english and still recognizable by the players.

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Agree with @JayJay, there’s 40 years of Warhammer lore to be taken apart and used as inspiration even for guttural sounds that could pass for dark-tongue. You don’t need common words to make memorable cue sounds, you just need memorable sounds, like how the ungors announce their appearance by yelling the same phrase in dark-tongue every time they spot the U5.

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I was under the assumption the wargors were chanting “Khazrak! Khazrak!”

Victor sometimes comments that they are “chanting for their leader” and Khazrak, One-Eye is one of them.