Would love to see more gore/gore upgrade

As title says would love more of what we have in the game but with way more interactivity and more ways to rip apart our foes

Bare with me some of this is stuff ive typed up for the beta so its all a bit samey but hey if i dont bring it up it’ll never happen, nothing ventured nothing gained yadda yadda

Splitting enemies in half makes it so the top half cant be damaged or mutilated just like vermintide, make it so i can keep dismembering them post mortem also hitting ragdolls should keep applying body wounds, its really unsatisfying unloading into a traitorguard shooter with a lasgun only to see 4 out of 100 laser burns on his body, When attacking enemy heads with weapons like swords or axes they should leave very visible cut damage (Think nightwolf from mortal kombat 11’s fatality where he burys a hatchet into someones mouth) and on the killing and post mortem hit have chunks of the head cut off where they slice like the head split in half from a vertical axe hit or in half from a sword hit etc etc

enemies that explode should have their entrails blood and guts plastered to any and all surfaces bonus points if said gore slides down the walls and also have their flesh ripped apart if not completely killed by explosions (not a fan of how pox walkers get staggered and then continue running without any visual damage from the frag grenade, would also like if grenades actually destroyed ragdolls ty)

More damage variations would be nice, think like Shadow Warrior 1&2 or Gears of War when you split a guy in half vertically with the chainsaw or just in general stuff like left 4 dead 2 where there are many many many damage variants that all blend in with each other before the target perishes

would love to see more head gore variants, i wanna be able have skulls collapse or be met with big holes were a laser from a lasgun punched through, that sorta stuff

Make it so with enough persistence weapons can dismember ragdolls ie like constantly whacking someone with a shovel til all the skins off and the flesh and bone is shattered til they’re completely obliterated, like being able to fully rip apart a reaper or ogryn like you can with charged energy sword swipes

Increase the blood splatters to vermintide levels (iirc 500) and make it so enemies that bleed and get flung across the map leave a huge blood streak on the floor and on themselves

dead enemies spawning gradually growing blood pools and blood thats splattered on walls and ceilings running down with droplets and the such, also could have blood spawning from wounding those that are alive (IE shoot a traitor guard in the chest only for him to run back to take cover leaving a trail of blood thats still squirting out) can also have guts and gore like entrails pouring out too, sorta like how entrails pour out of infected in left 4 dead 2 after getting hit by a shotgun but still chase you down (can defo do that for pox walkers)

enemies with armor/outfits should have said armor physically fall in chunks depending on what and how much as been damaged ie hitting a traitor guard in the face with a hammer causes the face mask to break off and fall on the floor or for higher hp/difficulties have it break off in small fractions until the target perishes

blunt weapons should cause arms and legs and parts of the body to break, broken bones sticking out the limbs and such

Mini blood puddle splash effects when blood stains floor

Would also love to see more viscera too like rips and guts/organs/brains flying out onto the floor that’ll stay around until the ragdoll despawns

Seems like everything you’re asking for would increase the load on the GPU. This game isn’t well optimized to begin with, so I’m not sure it could take it.

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I just had a crash now lmao yea I’d ideally fancy the game to run properly first before all that

Well I mean that’s why things like these are settings and OPTIONAL, it really sucks for people that have issues, game runs fairly well for myself with the only crashing really when I close the game.

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