Gore. Vertical body split

Atleast for unarmored or human-size enemies? Would be cool to rip enemies in halfs not only with horizontal but vertical atacks too.

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I’ve been saying this since the dawn of time, this game needs a quake champions tier gore update to make it on par with all the stuff you’d see in soldier of fortune, l4d2, killing floor 2 (especially with blood pouring on the floor and enemies etc etc)

It’s so unsatisfying landing a charged chainsaw heavy attack on a guy only to have him split like he was cleaved from the waist

also they need to make the ragdolls more reactive and also bring back the actual guts from vermintide that had dangling jiggle boned guts, smh gore is such an afterthought in this game

They need to make the rest of the rest of the specials able to be chopped to pieces like the dog. I want to hack a mutant into cubes if there’s downtime.

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this 100%

its a shame that the power sword charged attack is one of the only surefire ways to actually hack apart specials, you can even blow ogryns to bits with a charged void staff alt fire killing blow its hilarious