Worst melee weapon in the game?

Yeah when you lack everything else you need desperatly dodege range :smiley: They are fantastically bad nothing else 1h axe outdps it

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I’d put my chips in with Sienna’s mace.
The warpick I’ve seen people actually use. Some people enjoy this weapon, even if I don’t, which means it’s got its own niche or at least that it’s not completely worthless.

Sienna’s mace, on the other hand… Why.
I’ve only seen new players use it, tbh.


The only one thing I love about Sienna’s mace is; it is 2h -ish, and some of models of it. But, like everyone said. It just a garbage.

A lot of the weapons being mentioned here are/were viable choices before the DLC weapons, for example:

Sienna’s Mace – Your “middle of the road” weapon choice, with some hoard stopping power and some elite killing powers. The compramise leaves this weapon less than ideal in both situations but that’s the trade-off for having utility. Outclassed first by the poker as most people used the staff for hoards and the poker on elites, then completely outclassed again by the flail. Still viable in Vanilla game.

Victor’s Falchion – Same as above, a great middle of the road choice that got completely outclassed by A&F. Of course, everything got outclassed by A&F (a weapon with basically no drawbacks).

Bardin’s Pickaxe – Never a great choice, but viable in vanilla if you wanted a THP generating machine with the ability to clutch delete elites. I ran with a pick on an Ironbreaker through Legacy in Vanilla with this philosophy, worked out well. Outclassed by Dual Hammer as they are much ore efficient at their THP generating job, outweighing the Elite deleting ability (though I miss that on occasion).

Bardin’s Shield and Hammer – Situationally useful, like in Weave 12 when you need to get THP quickly and need lots of stamina to ward off the exploding rats. If you have partners in the main game who are good at killing elites, like the Shade, you want the hoard clear options of the hammer, as the axe is REALLY slow in taking out hoards (a problem exacerbated by running with classes like the shade).

Hagbane Bow – Great on a Waystalker to this day. Even better if the Waystalker has ricochet. (Not good on the other classes).

My pick for the “worst” weapon":

Kerellian’s One Handed Axe – A weapon created to solve a problem that didn’t really exist, the one handed axe just doesn’t fix into any elf build I can think of. I’ve never seen anyone run with one of these, either in set group or in quickplay. Its not a bad weapon – it does its job of deleting one target at a time, its just that other weapon setups generally outclass it, and unlike the items above, it never even had its time in the sun in the Vanilla version of the game.

Sorry, but I completely disagree with this, and am confused as to why you think it. Could you go into more detail?

HM can use it for Horde damage, and melt Bosses with a STR Pot. You can get 17% all Power on her, so building for it isn’t even difficult. It’s the only way you can top damage as HM, unless you’re on Into The Nest and spamming Longbow headshots.

Shade can use it for Horde clear, and can get ammo back with backstabs. You could also delete Bosses with it, if you play Barrage + STR pot.

To conserve ammo, you just play Conservative Shooter, and aim slightly up on Hordes while spamming them. This allows you to shoot for a good while, before running out.

Well hagbane as melee is kinda bad :smiley:


To qualify a bit, I’m a console player, where headshots are much more difficult to get than on PC.

Given that, you can use Ricochet to get a double poison cloud using the Hagbane. Simply aim the bow at the feet of a horde, and the cloud will generate where the arrow lands. AFTER THAT, the arrow will ricochet into a closeby mob, thereby generating a second cloud. Two for one shooting on the Waystalker.

Combine that with arrow regeneration, and you got a good choice.


Warpick is my go-to weapon as ranger Bardin because of lore and the fact that it’s a pretty damn good weapon for hordes. The charge attack melts armour, even though you can only strike one at a time.

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Thank you.

Is going for headshots on console more difficult in general?

Sorry this isn’t relevant to the thread, but not being able to effectively use CS on Ranged Weapons is a huge nerf to all of them if so.

Pretty sure FPS games used to use some sort of auto-aim, which wouldn’t really work in V2.

About your comment about axe & shield having difficulty with horde clear: It’s indeed not a very fast clearing weapon at all, but it’s a lot better than most give it credit for. By chaining light - heavy 2 (sweep attack) infinitely you got a pretty decent horde clear attack, and the shield’s capability to stagger and make space whenever you need lets you attack suprisingly aggressively. The ability to open with heavy 1 (shield bash) which staggers everything and sets up the follow up with heavy 2 (the sweep) is also quite useful. And the sweep attack is perfectly horizontal, so it’s quite easy to headshot consistently with it as well. Again: A&S is not one of the faster horde clearing weapons, but it’s not bad either.

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The poison cloud from shooting the ground either has a very small AOE or does not do damage if it fails it to hit the horde and richochets. Video

The only kind of v2 compilations i wanna see are richochet trickshots.

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Played VT1 on both Console and PC, ranged on console is definitively more difficult for long range aiming and especially headshots. I assume this carries over to VT2 (how can it not, its the nature of the controller over the mouse and keyboard rather than the game itself)

Melee character advice is basically the same between console and PC, abet quick cancelling is a bit trickier (but not enough to change the nature of general advice). Ranged character advice needs heavily scrutiny for console players however, as builds that rely on headshots for damage or ammo replenishment don’t work nearly as well.

You see the effect of this in Quickplay – I almost never see a Huntsman, Bounty Hunter or Ranger Veteran played (though I suspect the latter of the three is for more general reasons). Pyromancers, Battle Wizards and Waystalkers are also very rare, but you do see them a little more often than the first three. WHC are also extremely uncommon, almost all Saltzpyre players play as Zealots.

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I agree with all of this.

Apologies if my intention was unclear – Axe and Shield are definitely a viable weapon and are often a better choice over the Hammer and Shield. I just wanted to point out there were situations where one could want to use the Hammer over the Axe (other teammates have classed/geared into elite killers and you’re lacking horde clear, you need quick THP for a Weave, etc), so I wouldn’t classify the Hammer and Shield under the “worst” flag by any means.

In general, I want to disabuse people from the notion that a Hammer and Shield dwarf doesn’t know what they’re doing. They just might.

(Given this, I usually prefer the Axe and Shield over the Hammer and Shield myself)

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You may be right. (Admittedly, I play more Kreuber and Bardin than other classes). Will test this out on a horde myself tomorrow and get back to you.

I’m so used to warpick being an elite killer on Slayer that I forgot it’s actually brutal to use on other classes even after its buff from patch 1.6.

Sienna mace has to have top spot, though. Frustratingly clunky to the point that both DLC weapons effectively replaced it.

Runner ups
Falchion: serves no purpose and received no updates so it could keep up with 2.0

Halberd: clunky and artificially more difficult to use than it should be.

Elven Axe: 1 extra attack and no passive benefit to bring it over vanilla 1h axe

Honorable mentions
1h sword: the only just good enough to be meh

1h mace: somehow less meh than the 1h sword

Greatsword/Elf Greatsword: Both of these weapons I dislike for the same reason, their light attacks are awkward and bad. Both of their push attacks and heavy attacks fill in niches that don’t justify the disadvantages they bring. For Kruber just bring x-sword, for elf literally anything is better.
Edit: felt the need to clarify that empire greatsword isn’t as bad as Elf’s version, I just dislike them for the same reasons. The only thing that brings it up is Zealot’s passives and talents. I think its cleave niche on heavy attacks doesn’t bring enough to justify bringing it when the Zealot is better used for raw damage and other classes provide better control.


My opinion on worst weapons (for each career)

Salt’y boi: (Falcion) - Its a decent weapon but I see no build or reason to run it over other weapons on any career. Want to bust thru elites with headshot’s? yea ok run Rapier, Billhook, A&F, or 1h Axe, they all do a better job. Insult to injury it has headshot damage yet diagonal angles on its charge attacks (lol ok) at least 1h axe is courteous enough to have vertical heavies

Bardin: (Warpick) - Its just too slow, and the damage is not enough outside of doing a Meme build. It works on slayer only because he can use 2 melee weapons, and can switch to it specifically for killing elites, but even then its not that great and there are much better builds or even single weapons for all-around performance. really the only fix to this weapon is to further increase its charged attack damage even further, that way it can be a Monster slayer as well as outclass Bardin’s other weapons for elite slaying

Wutelgi: (1h Axe) - This might be personal opinion but I choose weapons based on hit chains and angles… and holy hell 1h Axe for Wutelgi light attack angles are absolute garbage. She gets literally 1 horizontal sweep… yea I get that its a weapon meant for killing elites… as if Wutelgi even needs help doing that. But that doesn’t mean its horde clear should be that awful, it cant even respect itself enough to have 2 horizontal attacks so you could at least block cancel the chain to make it somewhat usable… get the achievements done and then never use this weapon again

Mustache Man: (Halberd) - Because the Spear exists… weird angles, bad chain. This weapon is just clumsy feeling with no real reward to using it. Id take the spear any day over this weapon no question

The heretical Witch: (Mace) - Its just too slow, with no payout for using a slow heavy weapon. The damage and cleave is not there to negate how slow on top of bad angles its attacks are



Elf 1h axe is awesome on handmaiden with attack speed setup. Used it on high weaves.

Elf 1h sword is awesome on waystalker. For elites, use heavy-light and enjoy.

Krub mace is awesome on footknight. Powerful womp stagger stick.

Bardin 1h hammer is awesome on all classes. Especially iron breaker.

Pickaxe is fun for Slayer, horde clear and elites. Doesn’t need to be viable for other classes. Not my normal choice but good to have options.

But Sienna mace is obvious trash. Krub 1h sword I don’t enjoy – they should give it the same pattern heavy-light attack as elf’s 1h sword and it would own for huntsman. Not that they would do that but it would be awesome. Falcion could use a boost post WoM. I like 1h axe on Saltz for Armor weaves but it underwhelms elsewhere. Sienna dagger seems funky but some people like it for movement.

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VT1 you used to be able to use the cloud on hagbane and shoot the ground but now you must hit a target for it to properly trigger and headshots generate more than double the normal DoT’s.

Hagbane is a boss killing weapon and handy for hordes.

I think I must be alone in loving the elf 2h sword, but then Iv not tried it in Legend. Clears hordes in champ just fine and its charged attack mashes armour, especially on shade. Its prolly my fave weapon in the game but that may change when I start Legend.