Before the official trailers you guys were using the word convict to refer to the players, i much prefer that than reject, i like being treated like scum, don’t get me wrong but convict holds a bigger weight in the awfulness scale than reject, even worse is in the brazilian portuguese version they are using the exact word for proscript, wich is kind of a euphemistic way of saying convict, but so uncommonly used i actually only learned its brazilian meaning after reading the br version of the 2 previous announcements, is it too late to switch to convict? or are you guys doing the alternative not to look like you are copying GTFO because they also call players convicts?

Oh yeah, about brazilian version, the price is mildly high, 170 buckerinos, don’t get me wrong i am still getting it but i am having a hard time convincing some other compatriots to get it, would it be possible to lower it a little?

i think this because they want to give us more options in character customisation, maybe some backgrounds we can choose are not actually conviced for any crime.

for example being a a mutant or an psyker doesn’t make you an criminal but you won’t be free either.

that being said it could ofc be entirely PR to change that name…