With all this nerf can u kill Rasknitt in 20 sec?

with all this nerf can u kill Rasknitt in 20 sec? ^^

Whenever you deal enought dmg to Deathrattler, Rasknitt dismounts. Now there is a time (~20-30s) and dmg limit until he remounts do not damage Deathrattler in this time period. Repeat. If you do this right Rasknitt starts his teleport death animation before Deathrattler is dead. So it’s manageable.
BUT as far as I know shade still has insane ult dmg.

but can u kill it did u tray in beta?

No, I didn’t try it in beta.

But I managed to pull it of with only non high dps careers before. It’s about as hard as the window challenge on the pit. (requires coordination, knowledge and dedication)

With only a shade and a huntsman we got him down 35% health within just a single ult of each so…

did u kill it at end in 20? beta?

The fact that just two people were able to -30% him over 1 shade ult and 1 Huntsman ult means that yes, its still possible on beta. Go run huntsman, shade, BH and slayer, get concs on kruber and elf, take vbow and strength on BH and get some hits in as slayer, you’ll be fine.

I think you dont understand the challenge.
You dont need to kill him in 20 sec. You need to kill them 20 secs apart.
AKA kill deathrattler and you have 20 sec to finish of ratsknitt. Or better kill ratsknit (as in lieing near death at the front so you only need to finish him) and then kill deathrattler.

You could do that without alot of highdps before and you can still do it. You just need coordination not speed.

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