How to kill Rasknitt before Deathrattler


today I played Skittergate with my crack team of bots and during the fight with Rasknitt I discovered a new strat. Unfortunately I don’t have a video.

I was playing Bounty Hunter and with a concentration potion I battered Deathrattler until Rasknitt hopped down the first time. Deathrattler was standing in front of the gate by that time. To interrupt his shooting I threw a bomb at him and this happened:
(the screenshot is from later in the fight but I didn’t get a good one when it happened)

Deathrattler was behind the gate (presumably looking for the exit since my trusty bots and I were mopping the floor with him and his horned puppetmaster) and Rasknitt was alone in the arena (except for the usual trash).

I could kill Rasknitt and collect the loot dies:

Rasknitts death was also peculiar. When he went to low HP he ported around as usual but didn’t cower. At least his model didn’t, his hitbox did. Also no splatter when he died.

So Deathrattler and I were having an epic staredown and I was pretty happy that I didn’t play Slayer/GK and for the gap between the gate doors.

After waiting for my ult Deathrattler was quickly disposed and the map progressed normally. Gate opened, blood splattered and rats spawned again:

Long story short: I don’t think Deathrattler should be allowed to let his lil’ buddy die while he hides behind the gate.
console-2021-04-13-14.05.49-6b2e3610-3100-470d-8686-e54a3c1c1289.log (789.4 KB)

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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