Skittergate: Deathrattler got stuck; Rasknitt got killed first; UI didn't register Rasknitt as dead

Playing as a host, single player with bots. We killed Rasknitt first and easily as Deathrattler got stuck:

Deathrattler is stuck at this spot, unable to move or fight back so this was an easy kill. Also, the UI didn’t reflect that Rasknitt is dead. It’s still telling me to kill Rasknitt:

Even the mod, BossKillTimer got confused as to who died first:

Session Console Log:
console-2018-12-16-11.24.23-238FAA38-DBBA-4A82-B6A2-DACE rasknitt died before deathrattler, deathrattler got stuck, UI issue.log (1.4 MB)

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