Winds of Magic - Season 2 Blog Post

I think this is good idea, i prefer to pay few small amount of money for some cosmetic stuff than beeing forced to pay for every DLC in order to have consitent access to new maps ! Since there is no gambling behind the paid cosmetics, i belive it s aa good choice. Can t wait for those elvs to spend hundreds on euros for cosmetics !

Are you going to include the Arrogance Lost skins that released late in Vermintide 1 to those who bought them (or anyone) as part of Lohner’s Emporium?

I recall someone at Fatshark saying they were going to be available in Vermintide 2 at some point.

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All of that looks amazing, I’m very happy: )
But I’d like to sign under a scrap converter. I’m happy to conver my scrap to shillings at any rate, just as long as I can get rid of the 200 chests lying around in my inventory unopened.


Is WoM going to be some kind of season pass?
Is new stuff going to be partially free and partially paid?
How exactly do you plan to release content in the future?
Are you going to stop putting out “normal” DLC and follow this new model of some stuff free some stuff paid and they will be whatever you want to sell at the moment?

Yea, but people will literally complain about anything in games and Vermintide in special. I swear Fatshark will release one day a DLC for 5 € which comes with a real gold bar and literally heals chronic illness while playing. And part of the community will still say: “Should have come with the base game. Should be free. In other games I get three gold bars. Can I keep the gold bar if I refund?” and not to forget “Still no dedicated Servers, Failshark.” I don’t know any other media form where the consumer is as arrogant and greedy as video game Industry.

As for the new content to come. It is really cool that the Drachenfels Maps are coming for free. After Geheimnisnacht means beginning of November I guess. Wonder if community will focus on this or complain about the Micro-Transactions.

For Weaves I agree. The main problem is the accessiblity. And to enable every player to take a look at all 8 Winds of Magic will be a huge change and should help to showcase the strength of the Weaves. The first 40 Weaves seems reasonable as most people probably cant play the more difficult Weaves anyway and it starts repeating afterwards (so all Winds have been witnessed).
Still, I see a lot of room for improvement in the presentation sector. As a shameless try in self-promoting: Weave Boards (and how to connect to vanilla game) - A Suggestion
I thought that at least the reward section would bait people as it depicts (among other stuff) a surefire way to get a specific red weapon of choice. More work but no range invovled.

Are there new gameplay mechanics planned later down the line, so that two Azyr Weaves for example can have a different mechanic?

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Cautious remark: sounds promising.


Please, no Microtransactions. You guys are too good for that.

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Yes… yes… Soon™

@Fatshark_Hedge Could you clarify just a few things for me?

  1. Are the Night Maps here to stay this year? Or is it a 1 week event again?

  2. The shillings awarded for completing missions, are you referring to the Bögen DLC weeklies? And if so, will they be making a come back for people who have already unlocked all the bögen chests. Can we expect the weekly quests to return just for shillings?

  3. Will the QP weaves be random AI Director generated? Or will we just be QPing into random weaves.

  4. How do I unlock Geneviève Dieudonné for Drachenfels?

Obviously a Gold Apprentice is on its way to kill her with a metal made stake


While the outlines of the news are good, I was hoping for completely new maps, not a rework - AGAIN - even if they are free. I would have paid for the former.
There will be a lot of crying over the Dungeon map and will probably end up on the list next to Blightreaper.

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Loving the news!

Regarding essense:

The first time completion bonus encouraged progression through the weaves rather than farming a single weave, but i understand the issues it created with matchmaking.

so how about this for a solution: You recieve a first time completion bonus if ANY MEMBER OF THE PARTY is completing the mission for the first time, you could even have a checkbox on matchmaking to specifically search for players attempting a weave for the first time.

I’d press X, but something tells me this wording is intentionally PRed to separate most numerous from most egregious.

All in all nice words with little to no weight behind them. Sure weaves is new fresh thing, but what’s the point of talking about it before addressing core concerns?

Oh, BTW, whoever thought “Heroes” was good idea owes their critics in company a beer bottle or barrel.


Great :wink:

There is no issue with that really, as long as it’s only cosmetics and has zero impact on gameplay.

Yea, holy Sigmar… keep the night maps finally…

As long as it is new dlc (like in the 1), I don’t mind. I hate exclusives, I don’t hate dlc.

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k … sounds to me the game will be over for me. I just don’t trust them to do it right anymore. And especially this

“We are continuing to look into the reports concerning the imbalance (we see you Beastmen), and we will continue to push frequent patches to address balance, tweaks and fixes over the coming months.”

is nothing less than ridiculous. They should have done this DURING Winds of Magic development, not AFTER release!

Finally STOP using different internal builds for making your patches, FatShark! Use a FIXED version for all of your developers, FFS!!! And get RID of the manager who made that decision! I’m dead serious!

Now it will be more MONTHS until the same old bugs are fixed, if AT ALL, since they don’t even put the bug fixing at top priority, but STILL have to “look into it”!

No thanks - I’m done with this game for now. If you guys EVER manage to finally fix your bugs for good, and you FINALLY manage to use the SAME FIXED internal build for all of your development, I might return. Until then - goodbye.

I’m REALLY fed up with this crap!


Well cya then o/

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Let’s see, what kind of paid cosmetic I expect to see? I think it should be costume + hat cosmetic which can be worn separatedly. Just hats seems small and cheap for paid items.
Just to be sure, you know what reaction you will get if paid cosmetic will resemble to existing free, or (God forbid) will have parts of it.

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Aye I mentioned the mount/glider problem. Armour-wise there’s plenty of non gem store options in that game, and again you can at least spend gold for premium currency.

The rest you can ignore. If you don’t open the gem store you don’t even see the sales - as long as the Emporium is out of the way that at least won’t be a problem.

Dunno about PoE since I’ve never played it.

Seasonal items also doesn’t bother me much, people need to exercise more restraint. What I am worried about is if they go the way of those other games and put all the flashy new proper reskins behind a paywall, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one. If I’m not happy with it come launch I just won’t spend any more on VT2, I’ve already held off buying WoM for myself until the bugs + Beastmen are fixed and/or S2 arrives at this point.

The bad design choices in WoM could’ve been an honest mistake (not understanding what the playerbase likes about VT2 (see: us getting scripted levels, more grind etc.)) or it could’ve been intentional ala EA. Right now I’m leaning toward the former, but I could be wrong.

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I’m a fanboy and i roast FS all the time! :heart_eyes:


I dont understand whine about ingame shop. You want - you buy. You dont want - you dont buy. No one forces you. Ea and actiblizz failing not cause of their shops exist, they failing cause they sell playable content (ea battlefront) and dont hear audince (diablo mobile). As long as shop of cosmetics only and there is spme progression in the way customer wishes to (more maps) i guess its okay?

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