Winds of magic ps4

I can’t buy winds if magic anywhere and I would love to be directed to where I can

It’s not available just quite yet. I’ll have a link for you on the latest news in a bit.

Found here:

Only reason I ask is because the update that came out today says they added the winds of magic stuff but only if you have winds of magic

Yes the patch notes say winds of magic is out but it is not yet. We just have to try to be patient…still. perhaps @FatsharkJulia or @FatsharkJulia can tell us something? Anything?

Yeah the patch notes are incorrect; it’s for crash fixes.

Awe ok

Sorry for the confusion, the patch notes were included with the submission that was intended to include Winds of Magic originally. We’ve had to split the patch up, which is why Winds of Magic is mentioned in the notes.

Winds of Magic won’t be too much longer, I promise! :frowning:


Thank you Julia…we are trying to be patient.

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