Winds of Magic is coming to PS4 on January 15th


We are happy to announce that the first expansion to Warhammer: Vemintide 2, Winds of Magic, will be coming to PlayStation 4 on January 15th. We are grateful for your patience and understanding over the past weeks as we have finalized and polished the expansion for this release. The Beastmen cometh!

The Double XP is still ongoing and will continue to run until January 15 and the release of Winds of Magic.


Wooo finally! I’m so hyped!



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What time?

We don’t control that. When Sony pushes the buttons :slight_smile:

Ok that’s what I thought

I don’t know about most people, but I’ve been having huge matchmaking problems in ps4 with WoM. Ones I get a squad of 2 players we don’t join games together or when more people try to join they get timed out. Really frustrating.


Ya been happening to me a lot