Winds of Magic - Patch 2.0 - FAQ


Q: How long is the pre-realse Beta?
A: It lasts until the Winds of Magic is released.

Q: Why is the download so large?
A: With the release of 2.0 (the patch that accompanies Winds of Magic) we made the decision to remaster the game. Whilst this requires one hefty download upon updating to the latest version, it comes with it some benefits which include both faster load times when playing, as well as a smaller overall file size on your computer.

Q: How stable is the game at this point?
A: The game is getting better by the day. However, it is important to remember that this is a Pre-Release-Beta and will likely have bugs and unforeseen issues.

Q: How and where can I give feedback about the game?
A: On the Fatshark Discord in the ‘open-pre-release-beta-feedback’ thread, as well as the Fatshark Forums.

Q: How about consoles? When is this coming to console?
A: As a team, our focus is always on setting very high standards for quality on all of our games. We want to make sure that the console version of Winds of Magic reaches the very same standard as the PC version – for ourselves, but most importantly, for our players.

  • In order to achieve this, we took the decision to take some extra time to make sure console players can enjoy the best possible version of Winds of Magic.
  • Thank you for your patience, we will reach out to you with a date as soon as possible.

Q: When do I get my Beta participation portrait frame?
A: It should appear in your collection within a couple of days of the patch going live.


Q: Will there be any changes to the game if I do not own Winds of Magic?
A: If you do not own Winds of Magic you will still be able to enjoy some of the features coming with the expansion:

  • Raised level cap
    We have raised the level cap from 30 to 35.
  • New talents
    With the raised level cap we have also added new talents.

Q: What happens if I join a friend who owns Winds of Magic?
A: If you join a friend who owns Winds of Magic, and your friend hosts the game, you will be able to play the new adventure map, Dark Omens. Also, the new enemy faction, Beastmen, can be found on the existing levels.

You will also be able to Quickplay into a game with Beastmen if the host owns Winds of Magic.

Q: Can I quickplay into Weaves or the new adventure map, Dark Omens?
A: If you own Winds of Magic you’ll be able to quickplay into both the Weaves and Dark Omens.

Q: So, as an owner of Winds of Magic, what content can I experience?
A: As an owner of Winds of Magic you’ll be able to enjoy all of the new content coming with the expansion:

  • New Game Mode: Winds of Magic
  • New Weapons: One for each hero
  • New Higher Difficulty: Cataclysm
  • New Enemy Faction: Beastmen
  • New Adventure Level: Dark omens
  • Raised Level Cap


Q: What happened to my favorite talent, or why did talents change?
A: We have done an update to the talent system. We wanted talents to go back to their roots and be in better sync with the fantasy of the career you are playing. Taking a deeper look at what players who choose those careers like to do and how we should lay out the talents to better support that journey.

Q: How can I unlock the new map?
A: You have to complete the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Campaign before you can access the end game content in Winds of Magic.

Q: How do I get access to play Weaves?
A: You will need to play Dark Omens before accessing the Weaves.

Q: Why can’t I play the Weaves when I own the expansion?
A: You have to complete the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Campaign before you can access the end game content in Winds of Magic.

Q: Why do I not have my weapons/upgrades/talents in Weaves?
A: Weaves contain a completely separate progression system from the base game. The plan is to run Weaves on a seasonal basis with a reset between each season so everyone starts out with fresh characters on even footing where they can race each other to place on the leaderboards. It’s also a good incentive to get friends in that haven’t tried the game much before since everyone starts from 0.

Q: Should I play solo or am I better off with a full party?
A: Weaves are meant and balanced for 4 players

Q: Why do I need to replay all lords on legend to play cataclysm?
A: Cataclysm is not supposed to be a part of the normal progression.

  • Things have changed quite a bit in the balancing and mechanics, so we want all players to do this as a sort of a skill check. If you think you are ready you should be able to do this without insane amount of effort, as sort of a recap. if not, you are probably not ready yet.
  • It is both to protect those who are playing cataclysm and those who aspire to it.