Winds Of Magic Community Blogpost August 9, 2019

Fix dual daggers ok?

Hi, is there any talent rework in the planning?


I did in other thread.

Please bigras, is there any chance you could get some default group of veteran players as testers for all of these patches ? I really mean it. It would solve all of this.

Also I strongly believe that if there was good communication with those testers, we would not get any of these major problems we have now and the strongly negative feedback accompanying them. Because those things, were obvious (at least to me and to most people I talked with) and also… were feedbacked multiple times during the beta.

I mentioned this idea already many times, if there was a test group consisting of veteran players that have a lot of experience with basically everything in the game, they could help do very fast iterations when it comes to balancing and trying new ideas and mechanics. (Again of course with proper communications with devs)

For example I don’t need to do much testing to see that this kind of change will be crazy, and when I fire up the game I see the effect basically immediately.

If you had some group of proper testers, any one of those would be able to give you that kind of feedback and change like this would never hit the live server. It should not ever hit it. This is crazy. It’s not bit too much, it’s nuts.

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Thanks for the update! I am pretty excited about the potential of weaves.

This is a stretch, but did you ever play the original Dungeon Defenders? If not, it’s a mix of tower defense and hack-n-slash. There were a series of challenge maps developed that totally broke out of the typical game mode and flow, like a map where you besieged an enemy battlement and they were the ones setting up defenses! These experiences were highly challenging and featured clever uses of existing assets in new and exciting ways. I feel like this game could really benefit from something similar, and weaves seem like a great place for that.

Quick, personal thoughts/opinions about how I’d personally like to see weaves improve.

  • Either maintain progression between seasons or make it significantly faster to progress. I personally cannot get into this mode at the current pace, especially with fear of a reset. Having to level every career and weapon again at this rate would be crushing.
  • Make the weaves even more curated! I think people would be more sold into the concept of static maps if each map saw significantly more development time. Imagine a weave on an open map filled with gun rats that were immune to ranged damage!
  • Add more exciting rewards for completing weaves.

If you were considering more major changes to weaves and the game, I’d love to see the crafting system from the weaves merged with the core game. It feels so much more complete, offers a far superior sense of progression, and better enables players to try out different options. It feels like a bit of a shame to lock that excellent development effort away from the core experience.

Can DD and SnD get a buff to make them viable on Cata?

We haven’t done a lot of focus testing in the past, or at least that is my impression (I haven’t been at Fatshark for that long mind you). Not sure we would commit to having the exact same group of people in a small focus group. What we have talked about is doing more beta or alpha tests for our larger content drops, which with this release we have started doing.

I have not but will try and check it out!


Thank you for taking the time to reply, Bigras.

Here is what I like in VT2 (and liked in VT1) :

  • Immersive maps that tell a story or feel like a (small) journey.
    Great examples : Skittergate, Wizard’s Tower.

  • Random “surprises” from the Director AI that lead to unique and hard situations to overcome.
    This is probably why some of us ended up editing your config file to play “hypertwitch” or glitching recruit deeds to play them in Legend. We don’t do this for the reward but for the unique thrill.

  • Building a loadout with specific objectives in mind (my gear is not the same for deeds with doubled health, or onslaught for example).
    This had implied earning enough Vaults to have a big collection of red items. It felt rewarding to earn it.

Weaves produce the opposite of points one and two. The stagger mechanism ruins breakpoint calculations, making loadouts way less interesting.

Ergo, to make Weaves interesting to me in the next season, I would like :

  • Some form of coherence in maps.
    Bits of different missions could form a new “journey” with some creativity, after all this is what Skittergate is made of.
    You can easily tie different Helmgart “quarters” from Righteous Stand, Screaming Bell, Halescourge etc… and make a new city run, for instance.
    Right now, the Weave maps feel arbitrary-made and “soul-less”.

  • Some form of randomness, if not in the maps themselves, then in their content.
    Maybe a specific, seasonal Twitch mode for Weaves, with different buffs and, more importantly, threats.
    I would find it ok if games played with this Twitch mode would be excluded from leaderboards (because you want those to be “fair”).
    I just don’t want to face the exact same threat at the exact same time each time I play a map, as this is not what Vermintide has ever been about.

  • A revision of the combat system, that sadly ruins the huge potential of the Athanor, which is a LOT more interesting than default crafting, if you don’t take the horrible essence grind into account.
    Also, a “multiple loadout” save / load system would be useful in that reguard (like the sanctioned mod for the default game mode).

  • A revision of the grind.
    Seriously, it takes 1 hour-ish to reach the max level in D3 Seasonal, or a few minutes if you get power-leveled. It takes only a few more hours to get top-tier gear (the Seasonal rewards give you a whole “set” of items with strong synergy, in its first chapters !).
    In Weaves, you get to play with a wooden sword for many, many more hours than that. And, if you have to switch characters because a friend plays the same one, back to the wooden sword, yay… (in D3, multiple characters with the same class and items are perfectly fine, you don’t have to grind again just to join a group).
    I don’t even understand why different classes of the same characters share weapon progression but not amulet progression. In the default game mode, they share gear AND levels…
    A reset is only fine if the resource-earning rate is high enough to make it feel very temporary. Progression should be about skill and not the amout of “wasted” free time, and wasting my free time is exactly how I feel when I am using a wooden sword in VT2.
    Vermintide is not a MMORPG !


We share but you really dont care.

Just for what? You will ignore all feedback anyway like always.

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Well they are starting to, but only because their decision is hurting steam reviews and potential sales. Lol


Better late than never. Although damage already was done.

I second your sentiments. Work-life balance is important, and I feel much better about buying from a company that doesn’t treat its workforce like slaves.


I would certainly refrain from giving leaderboard exclusives cosmetics. You can make seasonnal cosmetics that you can aquire once the period is passed, but if this game could not become the new hearthstone, it could really be great.
Players that want to compete do not need theses, and players that don’t want to compete would like to have a way to get these, still keeping their jobs.

In order to explain more, leaderboards needs a time investment that I just can’t give. In a game where there are several mode of play and where I would like to focus on completing the variety of challenges offered by cataclysm. It would be a shame to spend all my time in weaves for some frame that I’m already collecting in the game.
I would like to play weaves when I want to, not because I’m forced to.


So… why hang out here then?


Big lol. I realize it can happen after such a massive patch, but it’s never been in such a mess. Didn’t get these many crashes at launch.

I thank you for your communication and your time, but you’ve just talked about what’s in my opinion the worst feature of the worst mode of this game. I’d really like to hear something that’s not about weaves.

My most burning question at the moment is: Beastmen presence as it is in the old maps completely screws the storyline and the immersion (for me at least). Is this a beta thing, or it’s how the game has become now?

@fs-bigras I’d honestly love an answer to the last question, it’s not rethoric for me.

Why exactly does it break your immersion ? Beastmens are like another chaos army mostly, lore wise


I was considering making a separate post about this but I think this is a somewhat important point for a lot of people. I personally don’t mind the seasonal challenge frames but putting those extremely grindy challenges to the game mode (or to the season, even?) is very off-putting if you enjoy completing the challenges. Complete 40 weaves per career is huge, it would’ve been huge even with 40 weaves per character, especially with the underlying sentiment of the weaves where you’re supposed to go with the setup that works for specific weaves. Complete one of each weave with every career is similar (and it doesn’t even contain a tracker as of yet).

The cataclysm challenges (re-do legend challenges on cata) are really unimaginative but they’re not counter-productive in relation to the game-mode (which I believe to be true about the weave-challenges listed). @fs-bigras

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“Reset weaves mode” what does mean exactly?

I hope to not lost our characters upgraded, because:

  • Probably Ill play just 1 season to reach 120 weaves for portaits and no longer back to weaves mode if I lost all my upgraded items, grind again from 0 is not fun,
  • There are a lot of stuff to upgrade, if you reset only weaves progress, Ill play it weaves again for sure if there are some new portraits again to unlock,
  • I’ve understand your idea of “playing with random people and make new friends”, but if you reset weaves from 0 we have again to play from weaves 1, so for lower weaves is not important the team, we play with random players for sure,
  • All players play only with 1-2 pg, because nobody want to grind essence to level up another pg (also because playing cleared weaves gain how much? 100-300 essence?), so, save items progress with reset of weaves will make available play with more people when we have more pgs available with decent power level.
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May I ask why my level progress are reset for each character?
I cannot still understand we have to regrind 5 levels. Moreover you have deleted the mid-level progress.

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to my poinst here i can add that we aren’t fighting the entire end times. we are just fighting clan fester, a very small, weak unlucky skaven clan, and right now a small tribe of northmen, guided until recenly by a small time chaos lord with delusions of grandeur and a lisp.

TL:DR it’s not that beastmen aren’t a nice addition, it’s the way the are used atm. You can read that topic if you want more details

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I’ve been playing all day, only crashed on the new map when I had mods installed. Without mods, not a problem on that or any level.

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