Will MSI After burner/RivaTuner be patched so its usable?

Will MSI After burner/RivaTuner be patched so its usable?

Ive read that when the game starts it will crash if MSI after burner/Rivatuner is open

will this be looked into/patched? so stats can be shown?

Thank you

Played yesterday with (newest version) Afterburner / Rivatuner and it worked fine on my machine. No crashes.

I am using Rivatuner 7.0.2 and it alwasy crashes when I start the game

GUID: a0d2beb6-4b91-473c-a8ad-e04d139bd985
Log File: a0d2beb6-4b91-473c-a8ad-e04d139bd985.zip
Info Type:

[Engine Error]: Access violation (0xc0000005) in build 870fa9ef4cba
accessing address 0000000000000000 from 00007FFF420BB710

Works fine for me. Currently on Linux so I can’t check what version I’m running, but given that I downloaded it only last week it should be fairly new.

any admin/mod have any info to add?

Do you run by any chance the nvidia overlay as well? Because those two aren’t working for me either, just one or the other.


I only run MSI afterburner and it continuously crashes on start

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