Crashing at Start

Geame crashes about 20 seconds into loading

No Crash Report created

I think the game does not like overlays!? I think it stops when i close afterburner/rivatuner stats


console-2023-04-25-12.16.25-42aae1c8-589c-4d6a-919c-44cec4136a0b.log (44.1 KB)

user_settings.config (8.6 KB)

It is very possible this is overlay-related, or alternatively it could be the result of the mods you’re using. Please experiment with disabling both.

Tried this, and it only happens when the overlay is activated. Is this a known issue?

This is quite common with overlays that use “hooking” and it’s my understanding we aren’t able to address these incompatibilities. It’s possible there may be an option to disable the hooking mechanism within Afterburner/RivaTuner.

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