Will cosmetics presented in the latest update's promotional art be added?

There are cosmetics used in the current promotional material that share identical or very similar models to pre-existing cosmetics found in the new Commissary. Will these cosmetics be added to the Commissary soon? I really like the darker colors, they look nicer than the more of the same baby-blue and lime colors newly available. Or perhaps they are being added to the Commodores’ Vestures tomorrow instead? Or do they have no planned release and were merely used as promotional material?

The current update’s promotional art, and art found in the game launcher, displayed over the third challenge

For the Rejects Unite art, the chestplate the Vet is wearing is a new pattern and is available in the Commissary. It looks lile the vet in the bottom has a version of that in black with a golden eagle. Both the Psyker and the Vet in the bottom have headgear options that are unavailable in the game currently AFAIK.

Both the Psyker Visor and Veteran Vox Headset have been on the class selection screen since beta, but still unavailable to actually wear.

The body cosmetic for the Rejects Unite Veteran has more details than the ones currently available, such as elbow pads and a bird crest near the base of the chest plate. Hard to tell at a glance, but it is different.

Yeah I recognize those headgears, shame those are still unavailable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen these black and gold costumes before, they remind me of the Legend-difficulty cosmetics in Vermintide 2.

Posting this here just so I can compare the 2 easier.

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Honestly I find the difference between the 2 to be so inconsequential that I don’t care, but it is really weird that there are these 2 different versions in the first place. The black variant I would be much more interested in getting.

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