Will aiding party members be returning?

Are there any plans to implement/fix aiding team members in V2?

In V1, if you interrupt an attack against the back or side of a team member you and the team member gets a little ping and everyone gets a notification saying A aided B. I think it was intended to actually show team-positive actions (like covering other’s backs), essentiall gave an audible and visual indicator for one to watch their back and eventually traits that proc’d off this made their way into the game like Safety in Numbers and in the second game, Heroic Intervention.

Similarly, saving a teammate (freeing them from a packmaster or gutter runner) gave similar benefits and also proc’d Safety in Numbers.

In V2 however, aiding is not a thing at all and saving someone from disablers inconsistently registers. This has also made the trait Heroic Intervention almost completely useless.

It would be nice to get the aid indicators back because I think it will help the game feel more like a team-based affair as well as giving players indicators that their team is actually doing something, and also an audio cue to get people to watch their backs since the backstab sound is also inconsistent.


No, but at least you can have another red charm as a consolation prize for missing features.


I’d like to see these things back as well. Great feature from V1

Aidings were in CBT but removed at launch. Later on, Robin claimed the design team felt “they were too ‘unreliable’ and ‘spammable’” but left in an item trait that relied on it. And the scoreboard. Which doesn’t make any sense, because Safety in Numbers and Distraction worked as intended in V1 and weren’t

The aidings required a player to not be looking at an enemy that was in the process of attacking them. Or being downed and helped. Another player had to interrupt that attack, or it’d never go off. Practically impossible to exploit.

In reality, they broke the mechanic, shut it off, and forgot about it, because the settings for the aid event in code is an empty table. This was all confirmed by Unshame. They never added the new specials to it either.


Surely if someone is downed and you come along and tw*t all the enemies walloping the fella on the floor you should get some kind of bonus? Might be nice.

I really do hope they manage to fix the feature and implement it in V2. I liked using Heroic Intervention in V1.

It feels like the same thing happened to “enemies getting pinned to walls by arrows” feature in exactly same manner that you masterfully describe in your post=)

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