Why nerf grail knight?

why nerf the grail knight his double stab doesn’t do good monster damage anymore! honestly the grail knight is like a C class now not very good at all, doesn’t do good monster damage anymore, doesn’t have range and most importantly he is melee and that double stab gives him no damage reduction so and it takes WAY WAY to long to use that you get hit most of the time with units around him that it’s pretty much only good for when bosses or only a small amout of units are around, and his damage reduction for a melee is extremely terrible, the dwarf ranger and BH get 30% damage reduction 24/7 and its not hard to keep up since i play both of them i survive longer with those heroes than the grail knight.

as well has the grail knights talents have way to many not good picks. virture of the knightly tempar is way to LOW of random chance it clearly needs to give crit chance 2.5% with it, like how slayer and dark elf get more crit chance, otherwise no point in going that spec when i can just choose slayer or dark elf who get a higher crit chance.

virtue of the penitent should give 2.5% crit chance and with these changes you can clearly see a build being made a bit better instead of terrible talent passives that do nothing!, until it occurs. because now you have something that helps those talents out more and well as his normal melee attacks.

virtue of impetuous knight = is a JOKE! give like 5% movement speed with it so Kruber can build a spec into, its his last ult as well 35% movements speed for a ult that takes way to much time to come back in melee, its not even close like the slayers

either way grail knight has WAY WAY WAY to many talents that DO NOTHING! to many RNG or waiting for his talents. some his lvl 10,20,25,30 talents could all use some buffs.

He never was very good class so?
And when his ult was nerfed I nowhere saw any info about it. If you cant use his ability properly then you are doing it wrong, its still faster than some other ults that can dunk you over (ekhu ekhu pyro)
He have stamina regen as talent its better than dr resist of dwarf.

You clearly just want buff without anythough put into it

Grail knight is S tier.


Ackschually, I’d say he isn’t S tier…

Until he gets the ability to use his double-stab ult as two separate button presses similarly to BW’s double cast.
So until then, he is A++ tier. (Take it with a pinch of humor.)



Correct me if i am wrong but the double stab was always meant to be for killing bosses and smaller number of elites? And it does 500-ish damage in total, which is about equal to shade pain dual dagger proc with his safety net being that it also staggers bosses.

As for him being weak melee, he has a easy to use 30% power boost that is active in any and all horde fights which i do not think any other class except zealot got. Plus he has this holy sword thing going on where he can either smack a whole row of elites to death in a single swing or just anti 2 chaos warriors/hurt a boss notably in two.

Teamwide blessings, smiter as a passive and a talent choice and they stack.

As for dead talents…honestly that´s kind of whatever, all classes have talents that are useless AF, waystalker even got a talent that hardly even works and is useless even when it does. And she got that from an update meant to improve her talents.

All that really matters is “does this class have a powerful build or two?” to which the answer for GK is “yes”.


There was a nerf?

not recently at any rate, maybe console was updated?

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I’m kinda surprised you talk about bad GK talents and then mention Virtue of Knightly Temper and Virtue of the Penitent. Those are both great talents - Virtue of Knightly Temper often lets you one shot CW on Cata with exec on a body shot. With +5% crit on your weapon and trinket you have 15% chance to crit and it is definitely noticeable, you wipe berserkers and waves of horde enemies when a crit kicks in. It’s a really good talent.

Exec has inbuilt +10% crit on its third light and +20% on heavy - I guess the talent is a bit weapon and gear dependent, but it’s not bad. Granted, on M&S I prefer +30% power, but crit insta kills are great on exec.

Virtue of the Penitent on the other hand means free ults for boss damage (with Concoction) or easy patrol/boss kills in general (especially with Proxy). It is a very good talent at higher difficulties - granted, on Legend you might have two potion slots per team with grimoires, not more, but it still does great work - on Cata you can easily have a whole team with strength pots on them for when it hits the fan.

Not gonna comment on Virtue of Impetuous Knight as I don’t like MS talents, but the uptime on it seems pretty high - 15s and your baseline ult CD is 40s.

The talents that do need looking at on GK imo are Virtue of Heroism (doesn’t help much with meaningful breakpoints and Virtue of the Ideal outshines it totally, I mean 30% power on all attacks or only 25% on charged? It either needs to be a much larger boost or do something else to incentivise taking it) and Virtue of Discipline (irritating to keep up especially if you’re controlling/staggering enemies well, doesn’t last long either at 6s).

nah cause you also forgot about slayer which actually gets more power!

lmao no, go play cata before you talk about him being s teir, cause you definitely don’t play cata.

Only if he uses 2handers in both slots^^

And he gets 15%, permanently active(better against bosses)but still half of what GK does(better against everything else basically).

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Grail Knight is extremely good at all difficulty levels idk what you’re on about


So, is this OP somehow console related or are we now even complaining about nerfs that did not happen?

lol is this thread for real? GK wasn’t even nerfed, and he’s an absolutely exceptional class. Probably not S tier just because stuff like shade, BW and WHC exist, but he’s still one of the best careers in the game.

I wouldn’t call GK S tier but he’s definitely around A (or B), it does depend a bit on the team - if your team are totally terrible with specials you’re obviously better off taking a career that can handle them well (assuming you haven’t taken a shielded weapon with you). GK is excellent otherwise however, great single target damage, versatile melee weapon choices, great boss damage and patrol fighting ability.

What, is this how it is on the gamesphere version?

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