Why is there a maximum amount of Essence to be harvested? (Winds of Magic DLC)

Does anyone know? Just curious.

I have maxed out all available weapons to 900 after which I have 3.75M essence left to spend.
Screenshots taken from the Athanor menu and the end of mission screen.

I just realized that I still get essence even though the end of mission screens tells me that I have acquired the maximum amount. Sitting at 3.754M now after a couple of runs.

The original idea for Weaves was having all progress to be removed at the start of each season.

This idea was scrapped but nothing was done about the excess weave dust. In other words, there is no reason for it. Concerning the maximum amount, I believe it’s the total amount of essence required to max everything out for weaves. Most likely added as a safety feature for players and was capped for memory issues.

Pretty sure its somewhere in the 1 million essence to max everything.

This is most likely it.

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