Why is everything slower? Is it just me? Movement feels slower, everything is like slug fest now

Am I crazy or movement from Closed Beta feels slower in general? I was playing V2 in last few days too, but overall the movement just feels super slow, like everything feels like we are 300 kg blocks trying to do basic movement. Dodges are slower and less crispy than in Close Beta, weapon swap is absolute disaster compare to Vermintide 2. The is no smoothness here, everything is like forcing a knife through frozen meat.

Moving is slow, sprinting doesn’t feel like sprint at all. Overall I feel that and if we add to that animation locks on swaps - all that makes the game feel like I am playing on rubber banding.

This plus all the bad things that happend to Psyker (his now super akward and slow peril gameplay makes me want to uninstall), broken mess that is Zealot: what the hell happened? Like all you had to do was move stuff from Closed Beta with little tweaks. This feels like big downgrade from previous beta.

I was excited to play, but the gameplay overall with all the mobility nerfs, animation locks, butchered/bugged Zealot and Psyker: I just don’t want to play early-beta anymore. I am very dissapointed, especially since me and my wife was looking forward to play again Close Beta Zealot and Psyker.


I posted about this in another thread. The videos of game play I watched from the previous Beta vs what I’m actually experiencing now is almost night and day. At first I thought the “slow” feeling of Psyker combat was just me but I’ve gone back and watched some vids and most these people are lvl 1-5 playing what looks like a really fun game lol. :frowning_face:

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Yeah, it was really a different game. This is super dissapointing. Also those changes to classes are HORRIBLE. What the hell, like this was the last thing I expected, that early beta will be worse version of closed beta! I have no idea who green lighted that at FS, but that person needs to take an L.

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