Why doesn't news get posted to these forums?

Pretty much title. Be’lakor and skulls posts over on Vermintide.com and I just can’t work out the selection process for what does and doesn’t get an update post here on these forums.

It would be really nice to not have to go looking in multiple different places to make sure I see any news that’s posted. Seems like it would be a small thing to post news across all main platforms. Perhaps I’m missing something here and a community manager can chime in and clear it up?


To be fair, the Be’lakor news have not been posted anywhere outside from Vermintide.com

For Steam I think it is pretty easy to explain. Slots there are limited and attention span of the community as well. So on Steam we will get the news probably as Patch News WHEN the update is actually dropping. And here it will be most likely the same.

Vermintide.com is their own domain where they can post just about everything and I think it is used as lore and preview section. Because the notes there appear by no means complete.

Just random guessing though.


News came out yesterday on steam ._.


Welp, that’s right. Totally missed that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Then yea, strange that the news isn’t posted here. Maybe they consider Vermintide.com as part of this forum


Did they ever announced anything on here before release? I think they always just post patch notes when the release happens.

Wouldnt mind if they announced major patches or expansions ahead of time on the forums as well though.

More than likely the decreased activity here has prompted them to use the other channels. Not like these forums have been the first place to find such information for a good while now, its almost always on steam/reddit before you find it here.

We’re going to be adjusting the forums purpose a touch, and whilst it’s being put in to place we’ve somewhat let it slip on our focus when it comes to pushing news! That’s on us.


Any preliminary word on how the purpose will be adjusted? Like more for technical support and bug-fixing or main place for game feedback, main area for future beta tests?

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Maybe some sort of automatic feed tied to the sites where you guys post news would be an idea? Then it’d still be visible/accessible from here.

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Thanks for chiming in and giving us some insight into the thought process here. Doesn’t tell us a heap, but appreciated nonetheless.

tfw Hedge is saying that to keep us calm and by readjusted purpose he really means toasting all us heretics.

Because someone might decide not to daily check each and every out of 267 VT info channels available. And that might mean at least one of them is useful. And the actual target audience numbers might appear…

Did y’all really not even post the Belakor update here :expressionless:

Not posting a teaser of an update I understand. Not even posting the update itself is just bizarre.

Edit: Now all update notes have just vanished and there is only a generic news section. I am so confused what you’re trying to do with these forums but frankly from what I’ve seen so far I strongly dislike it.