Patch note communication still having issues

I just received an update to the beta 1.0.5. branch on Steam and tried to find out what was changed. The first place I went to was here, on the forums - first in the important category, then the beta category. Couldn’t find anything. Twitter? Nothing. Etc. etc.

The only place where I found information on the update was in the Steam discussion forums - not in a separate thread, but on page 21 of the beta 1.0.5. announcement, by Robin, who I can’t seem to find on this forum at all for tagging. I’ll tag @Fatshark_Hedge instead since s/he seems to have been posting the patch notes here.

Page 21 of a post on a secondary discussion platform is not good enough. This is an objective fact. Again, with every change, no matter how minuscule, if Steam downloads something, anything, you have to post the patch notes everywhere, every time.

This means: in the Steam client updates news section, in the Steam discussions, on Twitter, in the Important category (it can be easily accessed via RSS for feed readers), in the Beta category of the forums - where else? Especially the Steam client updates feed that lies completely unused right now absolutely requires someone to look at it asap.

Having maintained a project that required communication on this level, I can tell you that you have to automate the patch note posting procedure as soon as possible to the maximum possible degree!


I would also add that Steam’s maintenance is also something the devs should advertise. This week the maintenance occurred at a different time than usual and should have been communicated to the player base. An in-game message every week should play 30-60 minutes before every maintenance.

I’d be shocked if Fatshark had inside information on when exactly Steam maintenance was going to occur. It happens every Tuesday, but the time of day and length of downtime varies. Go bother Steam if you want to be nitpicky about their maintenance.

Sometimes the steam client doesn’t show patch notes right away until you refresh / restart it. Again, not Fatshark’s problem. I’ve always seen their patch notes on the front page of the forum as soon as the update was available… maybe this time they forgot to post it for a few hours or something?

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