Is there a reason CMs like Catfish post announcements on Reddit and not here?

Serious question. There is an announcement tab here but no CM announcements like on Reddit. Why?


We have an announcements tab here as a subtopic. We normally post the same larger comms there as Steam and Reddit (community updates, patches, etc.). We normally use Discord and reddit for smaller comms, but we can for sure consider popping our heads in more here as we work on our processes to get more information to you all when we can (there’s a Psyker joke in there, somewhere). :slight_smile:

Reddit is also community controlled, so outside our own posts, we don’t have control on what gets flaired as an announcement there.


I could be wrong (@Dexta correct me if so), but I think the meat of their question is really about asking why CMs are so much more active on those channels than here. I assume it’s about focusing resources on channels with a wider reach?


It might be an idea to post stuff on your own forums. I don’t know. Not like there’s any number of threads desperately crying out for information about when or if there will ever be another update.

So far we’ve been lucky with people collecting the information and posting it here. Sometimes. Not that it’s their job, of course. I suppose on reddit you might be able to sort by dev responses, but posting something on discord is a surefire way to bury it except for whoever happens to be online at that exact moment. (Discord search function is a barely functioning PoS).


They don’t want to officially announce something… 3 weeks we get the next week argument. They could have, by this time, given us informations… But they absolutely don’t want that.
So they don’t publish here cause it would be seen as an official announcement.

Please do, because it feels off when the last official post on the official forums is a month old while every new communication seems to be a screenshot from Reddit.

It would be greatly appreciated even if it’s not good news, any info is better than nothing.

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This forum is official and thus should be used before all else for any comms large or small. Not everyone wants Discord, Reddit and Twitter for that matter.

All the more reason to post here, you just illustrated the point.


Wait, did I get that right? These are the official forums but not where I should hang out for official communication?


I joined this forum when VT2 was new and FS was pushing for all the communication to be here so I consider it a poor joke when I see how much it lacks and communication from FS. I mean, this is FS’s forum, and yet even a lot of the official news announcements never reach it, except sometimes by someone who forwards it here and who is definitively not employed by FS.

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You got the message!

Thanks, this is the kind of communication i like to see here more often!
Maybe you could make a CM thread in the Announcments to repost the stuff you post on reddit/discord to document it in a place that FS really owns?

There is a very specific reason they do it on a 3rd party platform where they cannot be held accountable. I let y’all figure out the reason why they do it :wink:

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