Why does low intensity shock troop exist

the only thing i do is log in and see if high intensity shock troop is up. if its not then i log off and check again later but wtf is this low intensity shock troop? basically just normal damnation…what is even the point. JUST LET ME PLAY HIGH INTENSITY SHOCK TROOP FFS.


i played it out of curiosity and it’s harder than damnation. i’m not even sure if the low intensity is doing anything tbh it felt very similar to shock trooper regular damnation, with maybe slightly less gunners and reapers?

im not here to play that easy trash though. HIGH INTENSITY SHOCK TROOP PLEASE.

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Same bro, low int as a mod on easy 5 is a waste of everyone’s time. Maybe someone wants to play easier 5 difficulty but my party of lunatics is looking for the hardest difficulty we can grind our fingers against. I want to party whipe while staring at 3 trappers, two muties, an entire hoard and 9 ogryn. After killing twice that number just five seconds ago.

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this guy gets it. exactly how i feel

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This website lets you check what maps are currently active. I use it all the time :slight_smile:

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The other issue with Low Intensity damnation is i literally cannot quickplay, because i don’t want to play Loading Screen Roulette only to land in a snooze fest. It 100% invalidates the quickplay feature.

It just highlights the issues with the current mission selection. And it’s just going to get worse as they introduce more maps and conditions. Even their conditions pipeline is going to have issues if they are making a unique condition for every combination of conditions.

my friends and I want to play the new lights out or the vent purge with snipers. We haven’t been able to the last few days because we play at a time it seems that none of the interesting/different conditions. Some of my friends, to this day, still have not played lights out. And they’ve been playing since beta.

The timer on these conditions are ridiculous. We all paid for the game, we would like to have access to the game’s content. Not being able to do so because of the time of day we play at is absurd.

For me to enjoy it.

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Low Intensity: Less Special Spawns in general.
Shock Troop Gauntlet: At periodic intervals and certain points during the map, a squad of specials will spawn and swarm you.

When they’re together, it just combines. Means less random specials, but when they appear, they appear as a squad of 4 or so.


HEY FATSHARK!!! I’ve been complaining about your Special Conditions since Pre-Launch Beta. I see y’all still have not figured out how to make these work correctly! Low Intensity + Shock Troops…WTF?! That doesn’t even make any sense! I have a novel idea. Maybe get the damn conditions to rotate correctly and work the way they should before you start making bad combos to cover up the fact that you don’t have any more good ideas, DEPSITE multiple people offering all sorts of suggestions for fun conditions! I haven’t seen a single Vent Purge Map since the first day it was utilized in NOVEMBER. FFS FS!

High intensity shock troop has like 12-16 specials spawning at once… Absolute mayhem hahaha

Real question is:
Why doesn’t fatshark let us play what we want?

In VT2 we could play the map we wanted.
But if we wanted deed modifiers to spice up the game, we had to resort to a bug to glitch them in mission select.

Come on Fatshark, there’s only 6k of us playing this game on average, toss us a bone.

Blow. Me.
I’ll say what I want, when I want, and how I want. Some child online aint gonna stop me from bitchin when I feel like it.

Notice I didn’t “report” your post, or cry to the Mods to have it removed? Cuz I’m an adult that can fight his own battles. But I won’t be surprised to see this has been flagged or removed because you’re terrified of actual confrontation with someone that doesn’t give 2 squats about your “feelings”.

Hilarious. It’s not about me…it’s all about you.

Your opinion.
Mine if that it can permits me to train for the level 5 difficulty.

I hope that, when someone is not ready for level 5 difficulty, you don’t complain they try it at normal difficulty… and eventually provocate the death of the entire team when they do an error…
I play damnation (without low intensity) on my zealot and started with the veteran. But I have yet difficulties with my psyker.
I find the low intensity really useful to experiment damnation difficulty.

To avoid low intensity, I suggest you to… not picking such mission.
What I would say is that the game needs to propose at any time a low intensity, 2 normal and 1 high intensity mission for each difficulty, or at least for the 2 hightest (or 3?) difficulty level.
Sure, several here need to be able to always get an high intensity mission to pick.

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I never do, if someone is new to the difficulty i welcome them to the best part of darktide. Its the most fun horde shooter game ive ever played and the way they implemented that difficulty (enemies arent enormous bullet soaks) is amazing.

Sometimes thats not really possible. I have a thread on this. I can’t play hi int, my preference, because sometimes both modified missions are low int. Thus my only option is normal damnation which is ok depending on the map.

Something like that has been my proposal for a while. But i think we could skip low intensity all together and just learn on normal damnation. A difficulty mode that shows up constantly that is only designed for players to introduce themsleves to the difficulty doesnt make much sense unless there’s a lot of new players. Once the population goes beyond it they are never going back. Then its in the way for the whole playerbase.

I would genuinely help new players get into damnation if there was a mechanism for it. I can carry pretty well at this point, not perfectly because latency and misplays are a thing, but well enough. Maybe next time i play i will go to the darktide discord and offer.

Full agreement here. I think Low-Intensity is a good way for new and learning players to rank up. Get used to the new strength and intensity of enemy waves, without being overwhelmed by the higher aggression of the AI directors.

What’s more, it helps you get some secure wins in if you had a few bad Hi-Intensity Damnation runs and need something to calm down from your frustration.
This game can be incredibly tough. Having these “Inbetween difficulty steps” is not bad design at all. I think it fixes something older games in the 2000’s era used to suffer from, where easy was normal, normal was very hard and whatever came thereafter was even tougher.

And it’s a good solution here, since the difficulty gap between Malice and Heresy as well as Heresy and Damnation is much wider than jumping up from Sedition to Uprising or Uprising to Malice.

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I do think low int is a good tool to help people get comfortable with going to the next difficulty. I know I’ve done this with some of my friends who aren’t as good because I’d pick one of those missions, they’d start freaking out it was heresy but I’d say it’s low intensity and they did pretty well getting acclimatized.

That being said, we should be allowed to pick what conditions we want, or at the very least, have some option where all are available at once or something. Because clearly some players have no value in low-intensity, which is reasonable. Having a low intensity up right now, reduces the chances of them being able to play what they want which reduces their enjoyment of the game. Which, ultimately should be the core concept of games right? Letting the players have fun? Taking options away from people, when implemented poorly (like most of the systems in this game) is not fun.


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