Why do clanrats have higher bodymass than fanatics?

As in title, the clan rats have very slightly higher mass than fanatics even though they are smaller and have less hp. In extreme cases it results in annoying behaviour. For instance 1h axes hit 2 fanatics or 2 slave rats per swing but get stuck on 1 clan rat and it’s very jarring. I could understand the argument that chaos fanatics are a bit decomposed and rotted away but from gameplay standpoint i find it very annoying considering i’m constantly trying to make use of 1h axes.

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Well the clanrats do have some light armor / clothing, that may be the reasoning. Just speculating here :slight_smile:

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Clanrats are a higher tier then skavenslaves/fanatics and not supposed to be easy fodder.

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I guess. I was under the impression that the progression went Slaverat->Clanrat->Fanatic->Raider because i looked at their health and general apperance of theirs.

fanatics look a bit less disciplined than clanrats tbh

No, it’s a parallel progression which creates gameplay tension by creating a schism in your approach in the game. This is a good thing.

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