Why are bots in this game incapable of even picking up items/using med stations, when they could do all of these things in Vermintide 2?

I’m playing on game pass and due to the lack of crossplay it’s borderline impossible to find a group without bots, especially on higher difficulties/at odd times.

YET, the bots are not even capable of using med stations in this game! Objectives like picking up grimoires (don’t even get me started on stuff like medkits) can not be completed with bots because there is no way to force them to pick them up

How hard could it be to implement such a basic thing, fatshark?!?! Medkits/ammo crates are one thing, you’d have to teach your bots on when to use it, but why on earth could you not add an option for them to at least pick up the scriptures? Or let the player ask them to pick up scriptures/grims/use the healing stations like you COULD in Vermintide 2?!!

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It seems alot of this game is a first pass and not really finished. like the bots and their AI

They are terribly simple, able to only play one class, cannot interact with objects, are shockingly bad at rescuing players and cant deal with mini-bosses to save their (or your) life