Which one would you choose?

I just completed my Melk missions and got my melk money for the week. They have two interesting guns for my Ogryn, but I can’t decide, so I’m asking you guys.

This is the first one. I like it, but it has Can Opener on it, which I feel is an almost silly blessing, since I’m not gonna be up close with an armored enemy trying to stab them with my gun. I mean, I know I’m an Ogryn, but dang. I gots a knife for stabbin’, sah!

This second one has good all around blessings and perks, since I tend to get up close to blast people with this type of gun to do the max damage from the shot spread. But it has all around lower base stats and modifiers than both of the other guns.

The blue one is the one I have now, for comparison. What do you guys think?

Also just for a laugh, I got a Rumbler (grenade launcher) in the set of weapons offered that has the ‘Blaze Away’ blessing on it, that gives you bonuses for firing rapidly. You know… like you do with grenade launchers.

Makes me feel like they need to sort the perks and blessings each weapon can get so that some of them don’t appear on weapons that can in no way benefit from having them.

Neither, keep the money, wait for a better roll. I was denied getting an almost perfect voidstrike staff by 65 points (it cost 2885), couldn’t get more this week. Also, let it have at least 360 base.


I wouldn’t pick up any of those unless you’re really eager to upgrade right now.

Unfortunately as it stands the only way to get really top end weapons right now is to just wait until an offer for something with a base power rating of 360-380 comes along, ideally with one level 4 perk you want on it. There is no way to work toward those, only checking the store over and over and hoping for a lucky break helps.

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