Which Dual Weapons are the fastest and the slowest

Kruber’s - Mace and Sword
Victor’s - Falchion and Axe
Dwarf’s Dual Axes

Kruber’s - Mace and Sword is slower compared to Victor’s Dual weapons, Mace and Sword should get a buff (More Attack Speed)

I think you are missing out on:

  • Kerillian’s Dual Daggers
  • Kerillian’s Dual Swords
  • Kerillian’s Dagger and Sword
  • Bardin’s Dual Hammers

Or were you just talking about those 3?

As well as that, is this building up to some comment on one that should change? If so, let’s leave it here; otherwise I’d like to move this over to the #Lounge category.


Talking bout those 3, move it to lounge where is the problem ?

Rather, the #feedback category is used for when we are trying to provide constructive criticism/compliments to FatShark so that they have community backing for some decisions, and the #Lounge category is where us players go just to chat about one thing or another!

As far as your dual-wield question goes:

All of those weapons get cruising at pretty high attacks speeds when you have Swift-Slaying running, but it also depends on the career you are playing.

If you are a Mercenary Kruber, I think you can outpace the others using the Paced Strikes passive ability. Then again, Slayer Bardin gets his passive Path of Carnage which comes in at high attack speed already, where he can then use his leap to get outrageous attack speed. If you are Victor, your charge gives you an astounding 25% attack speed.

I think Slayer Bardin takes the cake if he has his ult up. I think Kruber would take it if he has paced strikes and isn’t sharing it with the team. I think Victor hits like a monster-truck with legs and if he uses his charge then he would beat out Markus but not Bardin.

I also have no numbers to back this up, this is just me guessing while I’m on break :smiley: so take everything said with a grain of salt.

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Still the Dual Mace and Sword should get a Attack Speed buff to match Victor’s dual weapons

Yo thx for the info

You sure have a raging hard on for these dual weapons lol…

I would say Saltys dual weapons are the slowest of the bunch. But they do a lot more damage/AP to make up for it. Slayer Bardin attacks extremely fast with his stacks and ULT up. But he has no ranged, that’s kind of his thing. Merc Kruber has increased cleave and crit chance, plus paced strikes, meaning you cleave through hordes very easily, your increased crit chance procs Swift slaying a lot and then you have 2 damage perks to take as well. Increased damage for every enemy around you and 15% power when paced strikes is up, which is very easy to proc with the block push attack. They are all in a decent place and I wouldn’t suggest any buffs. I would suggest a nerf on the A&F though…

Can you explain what Cleave through hordes means or cleave trough an enemy what it exactly does to him?

You don’t know what cleave means? Aren’t you american? Basically, hero power determines how many enemies your attacks cleave through, as in, how many you hit at once and deal damage.


But the Merc Kruber has a passive talent,


Meaning you can hit more enemies.

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I know what Cleave means, but I’m asking how in the game this works

Read the part about how cleave works.
It’s actually much more useful for understanding the games inner workings than calculating breakpoints.

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