Where's All the Earnable Cosmetics from the Early builds and Advertising

So, I’m Sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed but before the game ever came out some youtubers got early access to the game on an old build. Something about that build is that they could get nice cosmetics from the weekly challenge guy the cosmetics weren’t too crazy just nicer reskins of challenge cosmetics and some cool helmets but would still be nice to have. so why isn’t these and cosmetics like the ones cutscene Npc’s have and the promotional armor ( Ogryn and Veteran in the cover art of the game) in the game? Wouldn’t it be smart to add theses cosmetics in before you add a premium cosmetic shop? cause to me that’s a spit to the face of your player base. for a game that advertises making your character unique were all out here looking the same. even if you complete all your penitences you get don’t much. so please add the earnable cosmetics to the game like it should have been at launch.