Where are all the modifiers?

Its been like a week since I have seen anything other than the dog modifier. Whats going on Fatshark? Do you guys have to manually change these or something?

Its ridiculous that its been out for a month and I have played the lights out mode twice, and only once with my friends. I play every day


They know the dogs are one of the most annoying specials & their realise2 of those per event occurrence activation[per their movement is the only one that can “cheat” you like those long jumps or , stopping right out of range when you timed your push & then jumping right after it , or the famous piruets & that is the way of them… making their day a bit “better” xD

Like when you enter the office & you see ahh so much complains you can click the “dog modifier button+1h” & it extends the timer :wink:

…you know what I mean? yes? ;D

Someone brought up the idea that they’re spamming dogs to gather telemetry (and/or bug reports) on all the issues with them to fix it, and if that’s true, I’d wager it’ll stay up until they’re fixed.

So expect it to change in about 2 years.

I hope this is not true. The game is not in Beta and we are not beta testers. If they need to fix this, do it the proper way, hire some testers and test it in-house. Do not use your paying customers as free beta testers

Yea, I put some 38-39 hours into the beta and was disappointed to find out that nothing changed on release, other than the cash shop, those are the two things that made me refund the game.
I don’t know if they even have an internal testing team, because even if they do, they can’t keep up with the issues anyway.

It wouldn’t be an issue for me if our feedback, at the very least, was taken into consideration and the developer changed things based on community requests. There are some Early Access games that involve their community in the development process and it’s a pretty rewarding experience. Instead Fatshark basically just used us as free QA testers and even then the game still had major problems on release. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.

Yeah, I really miss the ability of being to CHOOSE and CONFIGURE my missions as in VT2. Even deeds which had their massive issues with RNG drops etc. were better than this. Fatshark claims they intended to move away from the RNG and give players more choice, and they really did not.