When we should expect the letter with decision about closed test?

I’m curious about that, i mean, i know that we are going to recive a letter in case if we got elected, but i think it’s important to know that you didn’t have the wanted parameters and gonna miss the next closed test or it’s just not the time for any tests now and your letter haven’t been checked yet.

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So the closed test application is something we do every now and again (I’d say on average once a year). It give us a pool of players we can tap in to for potential tests. This application isn’t for a particular test, although we may run one soon.

We wouldn’t be able to let players who weren’t selected for any given test know, it could be luck, or not fulfilling the criteria for the particular test, or RNG in the case of “too many eligible candidates”. If someone is invited to test, they’ll get an email though :slight_smile:

God knows how many times I’m going to check my mailbox now. It’s so exciting!

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