When is the next Comms link?

Anyone know when the next update will be?

Sometime in “the second half of July”.

My guess is either tomorrow or next Thursday. The Thursday after that if they’re really searching for good news.


Remember, “December 2022” means “Spring, 2023” for them. Their timeline promises are flim-flam and we don’t even have one of those.

No hopes. Don’t keepem. I remember when one of their comms-links got pulled last minute so they could pretend they had something for Skulls because they couldn’t hit that mark either (no way you title a patch “Rejects Unite” and then release crossplay later, at some other time, without a named patch. They wanted that for Skulls and couldn’t make it).

It doesn’t matter what they say they think they can do. Management doesn’t trust their own team or their release dates. We won’t know, and the CMs won’t know, until they post.


Do you mean a vague out-of-touch blog post with little or no concrete news/update/roadmap?.. That’s slated for today. However, given previous Comms-links, don’t be surprised if it’s delayed. Especially given the summer holidays.


It essentially was. We got Nextweeked.

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Not just nextweeked.
They honestly said that next week we will be nextweeked for next update!
Its like a dream inside a dream…and both are nightmares.

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