When are you going to add something to motivate people to keep playing

Just wondering because I’m not seeing it and it’s been a very long time now. I really am forcing myself to log in when I do and I immediately log out after checking the vendor. I know this is the pattern other players went through before they stopped logging in altogether. So what is being done.


I think it’s less having something to motivate people to keep playing because the core gameplay is still quite a good draw, it’s more, in my opinion, when are they going to fix the systems that are constantly fighting against and stopping players from choosing how to play?

From the itemisation to the mission selection, all the systems outside the core gameplay actively and constantly fights against players. Even if the gameplay is good any satisfaction will be constantly chipped away by those player-hostile systems because they are usually the first and last things a player would interact with in a typical session.


I’ve said they should make it possible to earn Premium cosmetics, either through earning Aquilas or directly via achievements - oh, I’m sorry, ‘penances’.

As much as it is a good draw, it’s not enough and that shows on the player count. A lot of times I have troubles finding people to play on damnation and I end up playing on heresy, and I hate it. Many times I have simply closed the game because I can’t find people to play, and I understand it because as OP said, there are no good reasons to keep playing.
One you have played the same missions a lot of times, that’s it.
No difficult to choose, no cosmetics to earn, no interesting builds to try out, no red weapons to get. There’s nothing to do anymore…


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