WHC ULT can't knockback enemy(including BOSS)

Dont know how I triggerd this BUG but it changed my ult for one whole game.

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I’ve seen this before as well.
For the duration of one full map (Blightreaper iirc) both me (Merc) and the WHC on my team would be unable to knock enemies back with our ults.

I’ve also noticed isolated version of this, again on Blightreaper, when the issue only appeared in the final arena.

I met this at WAR CAMP.

I’ve experienced he same in 3 games yesterday. Maps were convocation, empire and hunger in the dark. Stayed that way for the entire duration of those maps.

Same here, happened in Warcamp. For some reason bardin jump staggered the boss while whc, mercenary and bw could not.

Same. There were 5 chaos warriors in range, and just 2 of them got a knockback. 3 kept hitting/walking.

Another time monks were ulted without any success.

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