WHC/Merc./IB ULTs no knockback/stagger since 2.0.8!

I know this has already been acknowledged for patch 2.0.6 (where I can’t remember anything strange for me), but the other thread is locked by now.
So here’s a recap with some updates: 2.0.8

Like the title says: WHC/Merc./IB Ults don’t work properly --> knockback is most of the times ignored by enemies.
I saw it working when a few (!) enemies are around. But when the area (horde-density) is filled up with simple rats/chaos it doesn’t seem to work. Specials and Bosses seem to ignore the knockback completely, as for Stormvermin and ChaosW. + Marauders get knocked back sometimes. But rarely.

Talent effects seem to be doing their job, except for one time where I saw someone got downed, and Kruber hit his ult (with “on yer feet mates”) and he didn’t revive. He absolutely was in range, and that guy didn’t die before the effect. His timing also was ok --> ult after he got downed.

Could this be talent related? Better safe than sorry --> (almost) no knockback/stagger:

  • WHC: Fervency
  • Merc.: On yer feet mates! —> didn’t revive once (!) so it may that not only the knockback is buggy
  • IB: Oi wazzok + Drengbarazi Oath (tried both but same issue)

I will keep testing with other talents as well.

Could this be difficulty related?

  • I play solo with bots on champ. to test builds out
  • and duo with bots on legend (almost no qp these days --> I’m hosting 90%)
  • no WoM owned --> so no cata, tested


  • Press F (or your assigned ult key) when enemies are in range
  • almost always, seems to be affected by enemy class and count
  • didn’t notice anything before patch 2.0.8

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