WHC career skill no stagger bug

Problem: The stagger and knockdown of the career skill stops working.

I’ve run twice into this. Playing as Client in Legend QP my ult randomly stopped staggering and interrupting enemies. Normally you can use it to cancel enemies action reliable, like a charging cw. But at some point the effect does not appear. Enemies in melee range ignore the shout and just do what the intented to. I run the 100% crit talent in both cases. Might be in connection to beeing a client and using a potion or something like that.

What i can tell is that it happens to work stable as a host, but the bug can appear when playing as a client. Its not happening right from the beginning, it more random appears, but stays for the entire run. The Vermintide reddit might get more info’s so im gonna link it:


Also was reported here:

Same for Krub, I love when he screams in order to block some incoming attacks and instead he gets demolished :smile:

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